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Fun Holidays - Funny, Random & Weird Holidays

Fun Holidays – Full Year
DateWeekdayHoliday name
Jan 1FridayPolar Bear Plunge Day
Jan 2SaturdayBuffet Day
Jan 2SaturdayRun It up the Flagpole and See If Anyone Salutes It Day
Jan 2SaturdayScience Fiction Day
Jan 3SundayFruitcake Toss Day
Jan 3SundayFestival of Sleep Day
Jan 4MondayTrivia Day
Jan 5TuesdayBird Day
Jan 6WednesdayBean Day
Jan 7ThursdayOld Rock Day
Jan 8FridayEarth's Rotation Day
Jan 9SaturdayStatic Electricity Day
Jan 9SaturdayWord Nerd Day
Jan 10SundayCut Your Energy Costs Day
Jan 11MondayLearn Your Name in Morse Code Day
Jan 11MondayClean Off Your Desk Day
Jan 12TuesdayMarzipan Day
Jan 13WednesdayMake Your Dreams Come True Day
Jan 14ThursdayOrganize Your Home Day
Jan 15FridayStrawberry Ice Cream Day
Jan 15FridayBagel and Lox Day
Jan 16SaturdayNothing Day
Jan 16SaturdaySoup Swap Day
Jan 17SundayBenjamin Franklin Day
Jan 17SundayKid Inventors' Day
Jan 17SundayDitch New Year's Resolution Day
Jan 18MondayThesaurus Day
Jan 19TuesdayTin Can Day
Jan 19TuesdayPopcorn Day
Jan 20WednesdayPenguin Awareness Day
Jan 21ThursdaySquirrel Appreciation Day
Jan 22FridayHot Sauce Day
Jan 22FridayAnswer Your Cat's Questions Day
Jan 23SaturdayHandwriting Day
Jan 24SundayCompliment Day
Jan 24SundayMacintosh Computer Day
Jan 25MondayOpposite Day
Jan 26TuesdaySpouse's Day
Jan 27WednesdayChocolate Cake Day
Jan 27Wednesdaye-Day
Jan 28ThursdayData Privacy Day
Jan 28ThursdayFun at Work Day
Jan 29FridayPuzzle Day
Jan 30SaturdayCroissant Day
Jan 31SundayBackwards Day
Feb 2TuesdayDay of the Crêpe
Feb 2TuesdayPlay Your Ukulele Day
Feb 3WednesdayCarrot Cake Day
Feb 4ThursdayThank Your Mailman Day
Feb 4ThursdayCreate a Vacuum Day
Feb 4ThursdayStuffed Mushroom Day
Feb 5FridayWork Naked Day
Feb 5FridayNational Weatherperson's Day
Feb 5FridayChocolate Fondue Day
Feb 6SaturdayEat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day
Feb 6SaturdayLame Duck Day
Feb 7Sundaye-Day
Feb 7SundaySend a Card to a Friend Day
Feb 8MondayLaugh and Get Rich Day
Feb 8MondayClean Out Your Computer Day
Feb 9TuesdayToothache Day
Feb 9TuesdayBagel and Lox Day
Feb 10WednesdayUmbrella Day
Feb 11ThursdayMake a Friend Day
Feb 11ThursdayDon't Cry Over Spilled Milk Day
Feb 12FridayDarwin Day
Feb 13SaturdayWorld Radio Day
Feb 14SundayFerris Wheel Day
Feb 14SundayLibrary Lovers Day
Feb 15MondayGumdrop Day
Feb 16TuesdayDo a Grouch a Favor Day
Feb 17WednesdayRandom Act of Kindness Day
Feb 18ThursdayBattery Day
Feb 19FridayChocolate Mint Day
Feb 22MondaySingle Tasking Day
Feb 22MondayBe Humble Day
Feb 23TuesdayInternational Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day
Feb 24WednesdayTortilla Chip Day
Feb 26FridayPistachio Day
Feb 26FridayTell a Fairy Tale Day
Feb 27SaturdayInternational Polar Bear Day
Feb 27SaturdayNo Brainer Day
Feb 27SaturdayWorld Sword Swallowers Day
Feb 28SundayPublic Sleeping Day
Mar 1MondayWorld Compliment Day
Mar 1MondayPlan a Solo Vacation Day
Mar 2TuesdayOld Stuff Day
Mar 3WednesdayI Want You to be Happy Day
Mar 4ThursdayMarch Forth and Do Something Day
Mar 5FridayLearn What Your Name Means Day
Mar 5FridayCinco de Marcho
Mar 6SaturdayDentist’s Day
Mar 7SundayAlexander Graham Bell Day
Mar 8MondayProofreading Day
Mar 10WednesdayMario Day
Mar 11ThursdayOatmeal Nut Waffle Day
Mar 12FridayAlfred Hitchcock Day
Mar 13SaturdayJewel Day
Mar 14SundayPi Day
Mar 15MondayNapping Day
Mar 15MondayEverything You Think is Wrong Day
Mar 16TuesdayEvery Thing You Do is Right Day
Mar 17WednesdaySubmarine Day
Mar 18ThursdayAbsolutely Incredible Kid Day
Mar 18ThursdayAwkward Moments Day
Mar 19FridayLet's Laugh Day
Mar 20SaturdayWorld Storytelling Day
Mar 20SaturdayProposal Day
Mar 21SundayCommon Courtesy Day
Mar 22MondayInternational Goof Off Day
Mar 23TuesdayPuppy Day
Mar 23TuesdayNear Miss Day
Mar 24WednesdayChocolate Covered Raisins Day
Mar 25ThursdayWaffle Day
Mar 25ThursdayTolkien Reading Day
Mar 26FridayMake Up Your Own Holiday Day
Mar 27SaturdaySpanish Paella Day
Mar 28SundaySomething on a Stick Day
Mar 29MondaySmoke and Mirrors Day
Mar 30TuesdayTake a Walk in the Park Day
Mar 31WednesdayBunsen Burner Day
Apr 1ThursdayFun at Work Day
Apr 2FridayWalk to Work Day
Apr 3SaturdayWorld Party Day
Apr 4SundayTell a Lie Day
Apr 5MondayRead a Road Map Day
Apr 5MondayFirst Contact Day
Apr 6TuesdaySorry Charlie Day
Apr 10SaturdaySiblings Day
Apr 11SundaySubmarine Day
Apr 11SundayBarbershop Quartet Day
Apr 12MondayGrilled Cheese Day
Apr 12MondayYuri's Night
Apr 13TuesdayBe Kind to Lawyers Day
Apr 13TuesdayScrabble Day
Apr 14WednesdayInternational Moment of Laughter Day
Apr 14WednesdayReach as High as You Can Day
Apr 14WednesdayLook up the Sky Day
Apr 16FridayEggs Benedict Day
Apr 16FridayWear Pajamas to Work Day
Apr 17SaturdayHaiku Poetry Day
Apr 18SundayColumnist Day
Apr 20TuesdayLook Alike Day
Apr 22ThursdayJelly Bean Day
Apr 22ThursdayTake Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day
Apr 23FridayTake a Chance Day
Apr 23FridayImpossible Astronaut Day
Apr 23FridayLover's Day
Apr 25SundayDNA Day
Apr 25SundayWorld Pinhole Photography Day
Apr 26MondayPretzel Day
Apr 26MondayRichter Scale Day
Apr 29ThursdayZipper Day
Apr 30FridayHonesty Day
May 1SaturdayBatman Day
May 1SaturdayHerb Day
May 1SaturdayFree Comic Book Day
May 4TuesdayStar Wars Day
May 6ThursdayBeverage Day
May 7FridayNo Pants Day
May 7FridaySpace Day
May 9SundayEurope Day
May 9SundayLost Sock Memorial Day
May 10MondayClean Up Your Room Day
May 11TuesdayTwilight Zone Day
May 11TuesdayEat What You Want Day
May 12WednesdayNational School Nurse Day
May 12WednesdayLimerick Day
May 13ThursdayFrog Jumping Day
May 14FridayDance Like a Chicken Day
May 15SaturdayAstronomy Day
May 15SaturdayChocolate Chip Day
May 17MondayPack Rat Day
May 18TuesdayNo Dirty Dishes Day
May 19WednesdayMay Ray Day
May 20ThursdayBe a Millionaire Day
May 21FridayPizza Party Day
May 21FridayTalk Like Yoda Day
May 22SaturdayBuy a Musical Instrument Day
May 24MondayScavenger Hunt Day
May 25TuesdaySing Out Day
May 25TuesdayTowel Day
May 26WednesdayWorld Lindy Hop Day
May 27ThursdaySun Screen Day
May 28FridayHamburger Day
May 29SaturdayPut a Pillow on Your Fridge Day
May 30SundayMy Bucket's Got a Hole Day
May 31MondayMacaroon Day
Jun 1TuesdaySay Something Nice Day
Jun 2WednesdayLeave the Office Early Day
Jun 3ThursdayRepeat Day
Jun 4FridayHug Your Cat Day
Jun 4FridayNational Doughnut Day
Jun 6SundayDrive-In Movie Day
Jun 7MondayVCR Day
Jun 8TuesdayBest Friends Day
Jun 9WednesdayDonald Duck Day
Jun 10ThursdayIced Tea Day
Jun 11FridayCorn on the Cob Day
Jun 12SaturdayRed Rose Day
Jun 13SundaySewing Machine Day
Jun 14MondayBourbon Day
Jun 15TuesdayNature Photography Day
Jun 16WednesdayBloomsday
Jun 17ThursdayEat Your Vegetables Day
Jun 18FridayInternational Picnic Day
Jun 18FridayInternational Panic Day
Jun 19SaturdayWorld Juggling Day
Jun 19SaturdaySauntering Day
Jun 21MondayDaylight Appreciation Day
Jun 22TuesdayOnion Ring Day
Jun 23WednesdayTypewriter Day
Jun 24ThursdaySwim a Lap Day
Jun 25FridayTake Your Dog to Work Day
Jun 25FridayPlease Take my Children to Work Day
Jun 26SaturdayChocolate Pudding Day
Jun 27SundayHelen Keller Day
Jun 28MondayTau Day
Jun 29TuesdayCamera Day
Jun 30WednesdayMeteor Watch Day
Jul 1ThursdayInternational Joke Day
Jul 2FridayI Forgot Day
Jul 2FridayWorld UFO Day
Jul 3SaturdayCompliment Your Mirror Day
Jul 3SaturdayInternational Plastic Bag Free Day
Jul 4SundaySidewalk Egg Frying Day
Jul 5MondayWorkaholics Day
Jul 6TuesdayWorld Kissing Day
Jul 7WednesdayTell the Truth Day
Jul 8ThursdayVideo Games Day
Jul 8ThursdayMath 2.0 Day
Jul 9FridaySugar Cookie Day
Jul 10SaturdayTeddy Bears' Picnic Day
Jul 10SaturdayClerihew Day
Jul 11SundayCheer Up the Lonely Day
Jul 12MondaySimplicity Day
Jul 13TuesdayEmbrace Your Geekness Day
Jul 14WednesdayPandemonium Day
Jul 15ThursdayGummi Worm Day
Jul 16FridayCorn Fritters Day
Jul 17SaturdayYellow Pig Day
Jul 17SaturdayEmoji Day
Jul 18SundayInsurance Nerd Day
Jul 18SundayCaviar Day
Jul 18SundayIce Cream Day
Jul 19MondayStick Out Your Tongue Day
Jul 20TuesdaySpace Exploration Day
Jul 21WednesdayJunk Food Day
Jul 22ThursdayPi Approximation Day
Jul 23FridayVanilla Ice Cream Day
Jul 24SaturdayCousins Day
Jul 25SundayCulinarians Day
Jul 26MondayUncle and Aunt Day
Jul 27TuesdayTake your Pants for a Walk Day
Jul 28WednesdayMilk Chocolate Day
Jul 29ThursdayLasagna Day
Jul 30FridayNational Cheesecake Day
Jul 31SaturdayUncommon Musical Instrument Day
Aug 1SundayNational Girlfriend Day
Aug 1SundaySisters' Day
Aug 2MondayIce Cream Sandwich Day
Aug 3TuesdayWatermelon Day
Aug 4WednesdaySingle Working Women's Day
Aug 5ThursdayWork Like a Dog Day
Aug 6FridayFresh Breath Day
Aug 6FridayInternational Beer Day
Aug 7SaturdayLighthouse Day
Aug 8SundayHappiness Happens Day
Aug 9MondayBook Lovers Day
Aug 10TuesdayLazy Day
Aug 11WednesdaySon and Daughter Day
Aug 12ThursdayMiddle Child Day
Aug 13FridayLeft-Handers Day
Aug 14SaturdayCreamsicle Day
Aug 15SundayRelaxation Day
Aug 16MondayTell a Joke Day
Aug 17TuesdayThrift Shop Day
Aug 18WednesdayMail Order Catalog Day
Aug 19ThursdayWorld Photo Day
Aug 20FridayChocolate Pecan Pie Day
Aug 21SaturdaySpumoni Day
Aug 22SundayBe An Angel Day
Aug 23MondayRide Like the Wind Day
Aug 24TuesdayPluto Demoted Day
Aug 25WednesdayKiss and Make up Day
Aug 26ThursdayDog Appreciation Day
Aug 27FridayThe Duchess Who Wasn't Day
Aug 28SaturdayBow Tie Day
Aug 29SundayAccording to Hoyle Day
Aug 30MondayFrankenstein Day
Aug 31TuesdayEat Outside Day
Sep 1WednesdayEmma Nutt Day
Sep 1WednesdayNo Rhyme or Reason Day
Sep 2ThursdayBison Ten Yell Day
Sep 3FridaySkyscraper Day
Sep 4SaturdayEat an Extra Dessert Day
Sep 5SundayBe Late for Something Day
Sep 5SundayCheese Pizza Day
Sep 6MondayFight Procrastination Day
Sep 6MondayRead a Book Day
Sep 7TuesdaySalami Day
Sep 8WednesdayPardon Day
Sep 9ThursdayTeddy Bear Day
Sep 10FridaySwap Ideas Day
Sep 11SaturdayMake Your Bed Day
Sep 12SundayChocolate Milkshake Day
Sep 12SundayHug Your Hound Day
Sep 13MondayPositive Thinking Day
Sep 13MondayRoald Dahl Day
Sep 15WednesdayMake a Hat Day
Sep 16ThursdayCollect Rocks Day
Sep 16ThursdayGuacamole Day
Sep 17FridayInternational Country Music Day
Sep 18SaturdayNational CleanUp Day
Sep 18SaturdayRice Krispie Treat Day
Sep 19SundayNational Gymnastics Day
Sep 19SundayInternational Talk Like a Pirate Day
Sep 20MondayPunch Day
Sep 21TuesdayMiniature Golf Day
Sep 22WednesdayHobbit Day
Sep 23ThursdayCheckers Day
Sep 24FridayPunctuation Day
Sep 25SaturdayComic Book Day
Sep 26SundayLove Note Day
Sep 27MondayCrush a Can Day
Sep 28TuesdayAsk a Stupid Question Day
Sep 28TuesdayGood Neighbor Day
Sep 30ThursdayHot Mulled Cider Day
Oct 1FridayInternational Coffee Day
Oct 1FridayBalloons Around the World Day
Oct 1FridayWorld Smile Day
Oct 2SaturdayCard Making Day
Oct 2SaturdayPhileas Fogg Wager Day
Oct 4MondayTaco Day
Oct 5TuesdayChic Spy Day
Oct 6WednesdayMad Hatter Day
Oct 7ThursdayFrappé Day
Oct 8FridayPierogi Day
Oct 9SaturdayAstronomy Day
Oct 9SaturdayCurious Events Day
Oct 10SundayHandbag Day
Oct 11MondayIt's My Party Day
Oct 12TuesdayOld Farmers Day
Oct 12TuesdayAda Lovelace Day
Oct 13WednesdayInternational Skeptics Day
Oct 15FridayI Love Lucy Day
Oct 16SaturdayInternational Observe the Moon Night
Oct 16SaturdaySweetest Day
Oct 16SaturdayDictionary Day
Oct 17SundayWear Something Gaudy Day
Oct 18MondayChocolate Cupcake Day
Oct 18MondayNational Clean Out Your Virtual Desktop Day
Oct 20WednesdayInternational Sloth Day
Oct 21ThursdayCount your Buttons Day
Oct 22FridayCaps Lock Day
Oct 23SaturdayMole Day
Oct 24SundayBologna Day
Oct 25MondaySourest Day
Oct 26TuesdayHowl at the Moon Day and Night
Oct 27WednesdayAmerican Beer Day
Oct 28ThursdayInternational Animation Day
Oct 29FridayInternet Day
Oct 30SaturdayCandy Corn Day
Oct 31SundayMagic Day
Nov 1MondayAuthor's Day
Nov 2TuesdayDeviled Eggs Day
Nov 3WednesdaySandwich Day
Nov 4ThursdayCommon Sense Day
Nov 4ThursdayMen Make Dinner Day
Nov 4ThursdayInternational Stout Day
Nov 6SaturdaySaxophone Day
Nov 7SundayZero Tasking Day
Nov 7SundayBittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day
Nov 8MondayTongue Twister Day
Nov 9TuesdayChaos Never Dies Day
Nov 10WednesdayForget Me Not Day
Nov 10WednesdayVanilla Cupcake Day
Nov 11ThursdayOrigami Day
Nov 12FridayHappy Hour Day
Nov 13SaturdayWorld Kindness Day
Nov 13SaturdaySadie Hawkins Day
Nov 14SundaySpicy Guacamole Day
Nov 14SundayPickle Day
Nov 15MondayClean Out Your Refrigerator Day
Nov 16TuesdayFast Food Day
Nov 17WednesdayTake A Hike Day
Nov 18ThursdayPush Button Phone Day
Nov 18ThursdayUse Less Stuff Day
Nov 20SaturdayNational Absurdity Day
Nov 21SundayWorld Hello Day
Nov 22MondayGo For a Ride Day
Nov 23TuesdayFibonacci Day
Nov 24WednesdayCelebrate Your Unique Talent Day
Nov 25ThursdayShopping Reminder Day
Nov 26FridayCake Day
Nov 26FridayBuy Nothing Day
Nov 28SundayRed Planet Day
Nov 29MondayElectronic Greeting Card Day
Nov 30TuesdayComputer Security Day
Dec 1WednesdayEat a Red Apple Day
Dec 2ThursdayFritters Day
Dec 3FridayMake a Gift Day
Dec 4SaturdayWear Brown Shoes Day
Dec 5SundayDay of the Ninja
Dec 6MondayPut on Your Own Shoes Day
Dec 6MondayMicrowave Oven Day
Dec 7TuesdayLetter Writing Day
Dec 8WednesdayPretend to Be a Time Traveler Day
Dec 9ThursdayChristmas Card Day
Dec 10FridayDewey Decimal System Day
Dec 10FridayJane Addams Day
Dec 10FridayOfficial Lost and Found Day
Dec 11SaturdayNoodle Ring Day
Dec 12SundayGingerbread House Day
Dec 14TuesdayMonkey Day
Dec 16ThursdayChocolate Covered Anything Day
Dec 17FridayWright Brothers Day
Dec 17FridayUnderdog Day
Dec 17FridayUgly Sweater Day
Dec 20MondaySangria Day
Dec 21TuesdayInternational Dalek Remembrance Day
Dec 22WednesdayDate Nut Bread Day
Dec 23ThursdayFestivus
Dec 24FridayEggnog Day
Dec 25SaturdayGrav Mass Day
Dec 25SaturdayA'phabet Day or No "L" Day
Dec 26SundayThank You Note Day
Dec 27MondayNo Interruptions Day
Dec 28TuesdayCard Playing Day
Dec 29WednesdayPepper Pot Day
Dec 30ThursdayBicarbonate of Soda Day
Dec 31FridayMake Up Your Mind Day

Other Fun Holidays around October 28

27 Oct

American Beer Day

Celebrate this fun holiday by visiting your local bar and trying out some American made brews.

28 Oct

International Animation Day

Celebrate the science and art of animation and those who work in the field by watching all your favorite animated movies and TV series.

29 Oct

Internet Day

Without the Internet you won't be reading this. So celebrate the most popular communication tool that humankind has ever invented or used, today.